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2023 Wise Leader Virtual Conference
Nov. 1 - 2, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Central Time

During the conference, wise leaders shared  words of wisdom to help you make
wise decisions  to lead yourself and others while achieving your God-given desires.
This conference was sponsored by Firm Faith University by God's grace.









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Why should I attend the Wise Leader Conference?

Are you interested in a safe virtual environment to engage with wise leaders about any of the following? 

  • Making Wise Decisions 
  • Leading Yourself and Others in Higher Education and Beyond
  • Getting Along Well With Individuals and Teams
  • Seeking Opportunities for Promotion or New Ventures 
  • Promoting Wellbeing for Yourself and Others 
  • Exercising Firm Faith that Works Through Love

Good News! 

The Wise Leader Conference will provide a safe virtual space for leaders in higher education and beyond who are passionate about not only sharing leadership strategies but also helping their fellow leaders understand who is The True Source of their wisdom and the biblical principles that inform the strategies that they use to lead themselves and others wisely. 

Yes, I want to attend the Wise Leader Conference

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Lead Yourself and Others 

This track includes, but is not limited to, leadership strategies for communicating; optimizing resources; helping your learners, team or staff succeed; coaching; mentoring; and leading change.
"Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14).

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Make Wise Decisions

This track includes, but is not limited to, leadership strategies for seeking God's kingdom first, planning strategically, discerning God’s plan for your life, and deciding when to say yes or no. 
"We should make plans—counting
on God to direct us."
(Psalms 37:5)

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Get Along Well With Others

This track includes, but is not limited to, leadership strategies for working with individuals and teams, getting buy-in from others, negotiating, and using your tongue wisely.
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" (Psalms 133:1).

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Seek Opportunities for Promotion or New Ventures

This track includes strategies to pursue a new position, venture or business; promoting a cause; and networking
"For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another " (Psalms 75:6-7).

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Exercising Firm Faith That Works Through Love

This track includes, but is not limited to, strategies for walking by faith and not by sight; integrating firm faith at your work; exercising diligence and patience; and working with excellence through love.
"If you do not stand firm in your faith,
you will not stand at all"
(Isaiah 7:9).

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Promote Healthy Wellbeing for Yourself and Others

This track includes, but is not limited to, leadership strategies for promoting healthy lifestyle, encouraging others,
and helping the hurting.
"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper
in all things and be in health, just
as your soul prospers"
(3 John 3:2).

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Dr. Joy Alexander

 Professor Emeritus, Counselling and Human Services, Indiana University South Bend

Dr. Christon Arthur

Andrews University

Dr. Tonya Amankwatia

Assistant Vice Provost, Distance Education and Extended Learning at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Dr. Arlene Archer

 Psychologist | Educator | Certified Life Coach | Certified Anger Mgt. Specialist 
Care Consultant Specialist,
Alzheimer’s Association

Dr. Shermaine Barrett

 Dean of the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica and Professor of Adult Education

Dr. Debra Ferdinand-James

Senior Lecturer at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus

Dr. Judith Fisher

Assistant Vice President,
Student Development,
Andrews University

Dr. Julaine Fowlin

 Executive Director, Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources at Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Ericka Hollis

Assistant Provost of Academic Innovation and Faculty Development at Regis College

Dr. John Huss

 Professor of Education, Northern Kentucky University

Dr. Sung Kwon

Director, MA Leadership in Social Innovation | Associate Professor of Leadership, Andrews University| 
Cultural Intelligence

Dr. William T Lewis

 Entrepreneur | Author | Board Member | People and Culture Thought Leader

Dr. Carl S. Moore

 Executive Fellow, Propel; President of Youniversal Luv Unlimited; Executive Coach; and Consultant on DEI, Learning Science, and Digital Education

Dr. Jason Owen

 Visiting Assistant Professor,
Computer Science and Information Systems Development, Murray State University

Dr. Prudence Pollard

 Vice President | Dean, School of Graduate Studies | Professor of Management at Oakwood University

Dr. Anthony Pina

Chief Online Learning Officer and 
Director of Online Education at
Illinois State University

Dr. Amelia Rose

Founder of Family Life Patheways, Keynote Speaker, and Multidisciplinary Education and Social Services Professional 

Dr. Melony Shemberger

 Professor of Mass Communication and Faculty Regent at Murray State University

Dr. Colleen Scott 

Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

Dr. Janice Staab

 Founder of Life Science Coaching; Life and Career Coach; Writer; Teacher; and Philosophical Counselor

Dr. Karie Stamer

 Director of Online RN-BSN Program and Associate Professor of Nursing at Northwestern College, Iowa

Dr. Jean-Rene Thelusmond

Senior Analytical Specialist/Study Director at the Toxicology & Environmental Research & Consulting (TERC) at Dow

Dr. Alexis Travis 

Assistant Provost and Executive Director, University Health and Wellbeing,
Michigan State University

Jeff Wylie, MDiv, ACSW, LCSW

Senior Instructor,
Social Work,
Murray State University

I want to attend the Wise Leader Conference

Registration is Closed

Hi, I'm Firm Faith

As a child, I despised my name. Now, I realize that God has called me to help leaders like you exercise firm faith to make the wise decisions that you need to make, to achieve the desires that He has placed in your heart. I was blessed to see this verse with my name: 

"If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all (Isaiah 7:9)."

The verse below reminds me of how God is leading me to serve you through love.

"... All that matters is faith, expressed through love" (Galatians 5:6).

I invite you to join me and other wise leaders for the Wise Leader Conference from the comfort of your own location! Please share this special invitation with others.

What leaders noted about Firm Faith's Work (Unsolicited)

Virtual Course Design Challenge Participant

"I can honestly say that putting your tips and tools into practice made me feel more confident, helped me to stay focused on the objectives, and I am sure it will reflect in students' learning too in a positive way...I already have seen a major improvement in the way I look at handling my courses.

Your name and your talk will always be there in my mind...

Your firm faith principles are also very inspiring….emotional enough to force me to think deeply about life and strong enough to help people stay motivated…
I learned a lot from you both about the course and about life….
hank you so much for all your efforts.  I thoroughly enjoyed being part of your class."

Dr. Mahwish Anjam, Dean and Assistant Professor, College of Business, 
Al Ghurair University, Dubai

The Wise Leader Challenge Participant and This Works for Me Virtual Summit Speaker 

"You have always been one of the most innovative and forward-thinking individuals in higher education.
I appreciate what you’ve been doing.
You are a leader.”

Dr. Doyle Friskney, 
Senior Fellow, Academic Affairs, Council on Post
Secondary Education;
Retired Chief Technology Officer, University of Kentucky

This Works for Me
Virtual Summit Speaker

"Please know that what you are doing is of great service to educators. It's an innovative way to produce anytime/anywhere professional development, on demand. It is great to learn from my peers in their areas of expertise, and I thank you for including me in your scaffolded learning community.
I wish you continued success and applaud your work."

Dr. Denise Malloy
Executive Director,
Global SMART Technology Innovation Center, Tennessee State University

Virtual Course Design Challenge Observer

"Thank you for sharing your model of Weekly Challenges with us and allowing us to sit in on your Zoom call. Our Challenges have been going extremely well...Your program model had such an impact on us..."
Dr. Carla Vecchiola,
Director, Hub for Teaching & Learning ResourcesUniversity of

Leadership Coaching Institute Participant

Firm Faith, "You are truly a gift to higher education."

Dr. Debra Ferdinand-James, 
Senior Lecturer, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

Virtual Course Design Challenge Participant

Thank you for running your Virtual Course Design challenge last summer in a way that was open to the broader academic community. I learned a lot not only from the content that you presented, but also through appreciating the design of the associated Canvas course... 

I also appreciated the meetups you hosted on Zoom to talk through some of the ideas. I enjoyed meeting others from outside my college who were facing the same challenges.

Overall, I feel grateful to have had this structured and supportive environment in which to think through my choices and celebrate everyone’s progress at the end of the session.

I have brought my perspectives from the challenge back to my campus to help my colleagues as they re-designed their courses. I have also since redesigned most of my Canvas course spaces following principles from your [challenge], and I believe that this has helped my students navigate the online spaces of my course even better. 

I intend to keep these design features when we return face-to-face.
Thanks again for making an impact!

Dr. Elizabeth Leininger, 
Assistant Professor, Division of Natural Sciences, New College of Florida

Leadership Coaching and Consultation

"Firm Faith was instrumental in my decision to pursue my passion through entrepreneurship. For the past two years, I have been growing ATTECS, LLC - an independent center for teaching and learning. But, it came about as a result of much deliberation and reflection: "What is your heart's desire?" discussion
with Firm Faith really helped clarify my choice."

Dr. Ella Epshteyn 

Virtual Course Design Challenge and ALIVE Challenge Participant

"Thank you so much for the benefit of your wisdom...
learned so much and shared with others.  The students will benefit from the learning I received from you!
Dr. Arlene Nicholas, Professor, Faculty Fellow, 5-Year Program Coordinator,
Salve University

ALIVE Challenge Participant

"It was extremely helpful to have a conversation with you today. I just left the meeting with the Provost, and they like the approach to the faculty academy.  

I truly enjoyed the learning experience!" [in the Accelerated Leadership in Virtual Environments Challenge]

Dr. Michael Dailey
Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Design, Office of Distance Education, Kentucky State University

The Wise Leader Virtual Conference Packages

Leadership Favor


Get a Full Scholarship to Attend The Wise Leader Virtual Conference

  • Attend the live Wise Leader Virtual Conference Sessions:¬† November 1-2, 2023 (9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Central Time)
  • Interact with wise leaders during the sessions to help you lead yourself and others.
  • Access the Wise Leader Virtual Conference¬†recordings (for November 1-2, 2023)¬†on demand for 1 week.¬†View the 2023 Conference Schedule
Get Scholarship Now

Leadership Momemtum

$97 (Early Bird) OR $147 After

Attend The Wise Leader Virtual Conference and Access the Recordings for November 1-2, 2022 and 2023.

  • Attend the¬†live¬†Wise Leader Virtual Conference Sessions:¬† November 1-2, 2023 (9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Central Time)
  • Interact with wise leaders during the sessions to help you lead yourself and others.
  • Access the¬†Wise Leader Virtual Conference¬†recordings (for
    November 1-2, 2023) on demand for six months
    View the 2023 Conference Schedule
  • Access the¬†Wise Leader Virtual Conference¬†recordings¬†(for November 1-2, 2022) on demand for six months. View the 2022 Conference Schedule¬†
Get Early Bird Price Now

Leadership Accelerator

$300 (Early Bird) OR $347 After

Attend the Plan Your Success With God Bootcamp and The Wise Leader Virtual Conference

  • Attend¬†the¬†live¬†2023¬†Wise Leader Virtual Conference Sessions:¬† November 1-2 (9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Central Time)
  • Access the 2023 and 2022¬†recordings¬†of the¬†Wise Leader Virtual Conference on demand for as long as you are a member of Firm Faith University. View the 2022 Conference Schedule¬†
  • Live¬†Plan Your Success with God Bootcamp -¬†November 3, 2023, 9:00 - 11:55 am¬†& 1:30 - 4:30 pm Central Time.¬†The boot camp includes, but is not limited to:
    • Plan your year (including identifying your important goals, the ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ
      behind your goals, important timelines to thrive in the major areas of your life, and much more).
    • Develop a strategic plan for promoting, preparing, and presenting your authentic offering, and much more!¬†View the 2023 Conference Schedule for more¬†details!
Get Early Bird Price Now

About Firm Faith

Dr. Firm Faith Watson serves as Director of the Faculty Development Center at Murray State University. She is a leadership coach and the President and Founder of Firm Faith University, the official sponsor of the Wise Leader Virtual Summit, the Wise Leader Challenge, the
Wise Leader Institute, the Lead Others in Virtual Environments (LOVE) Membership, and the Wise Leader Conference.

Watson designed and facilitated professional development to serve leaders in the United States and beyond including the Leadership Coaching Institute, the Accelerated Leadership in Virtual Environments (ALIVE) Challenge, and the Virtual Course Design Challenge. She also hosted the This Works for Me Virtual Summit

Watson collaborated with leaders at Murray State University to host the Fall Faculty Summit, New Faculty Orientation, New Faculty Academy, and led the university's major transition to online learning during the pandemic. Her email is [email protected].

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